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“Everybody needs a coach. It is how good you are going to be that matters."

-- Atul Gawande, Surgeon, Writer, Public Health Researcher

Building Resilience Is Not About Going It Alone

Are you interested in a more personal, individualized approach to building resilience? Then now is the time to book your 1 on 1 resilience coaching sessions. Building resilience is not about toughing it out or going it alone. Working with a resilience coach helps you efficiently identify and learn practices and tools that work best for you. Your coach will

  • Help you develop a results-oriented plan based on your goals
  • Tailor a resilience program to meet your specific needs
  • Work with you to develop practices that are best learned with an experienced teacher and coach
  • Provide the compassionate inquiry, support, encouragement, and accountability that allows you to shine more brightly

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Free 15 Minute Introductory Session

We’ll get to know each other, and you’ll walk away with a three-point action plan.

50-Minute Resilience Coaching Session

We’ll begin with the end in mind. Where do you want to go? How do you want to feel? Then we’ll start the process to get you there with an individualized plan geared to your specific needs.