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Build Resilience With HeadTraining™

You can learn resilience. Simple practices help you bounce back faster, keep an even keel, and relate to others from your best place. 

Feel Better. Do Better.

After 12 years of helping people feel better and do better, we at BolsterUp have put together key practices to help you build resilience. We call it HeadTraining; you’ll call it informative, practical, and doable — money-back guarantee (just kidding re money back – it’s all FREE).

You’ll build resilience skills by learning how to:

  1. Develop a reserve of positivity
  2. Increase happiness
  3. Quiet the self-critic and reduce the impact of the negativity bias
  4. Build discomfort tolerance
  5. Find your opportunity amid change
  6. Discover your superpowers

What results can you expect?

  1. Reduced stress
  2. Increased wellbeing
  3. Improved relationships
  4. Enhanced performance at work

Self-Paced Exploration. Build Community.
No lectures, no powerpoints. Just six emails with brief activities – tools for your toolkit – for you to explore.

When you enroll, you’ll have access to our new, private Facebook group where you can reach out with questions, share progress and build community.

To get started, sign up via the form. We’re looking forward to having you as part of our HeadTraining community!

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