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Achieve optimal performance across your organization with BolsterUp well-being consulting, coaching and training.

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Well-being programs are now a key element of enterprise talent strategy.
— Deloitte

Training and Support That Transforms Organizations

BolsterUp is a well–being solutions company that helps clients drive increased organizational success in culture, engagement, productivity, retention, and bottom line.

BolsterUp guides individuals, managers, and teams to optimal performance through

  • Experiential training in mind-body practices
  • Coaching and consulting in talent development via the CliftonStrengths framework
  • Holistic health and wellness coaching

Boost performance as well as social and emotional well-being

BolsterUp guides clients to learn how to do better in their own lives (well-being) and to develop the innate talents (strengths) that allows them to work at a higher level, achieve more, and have a greater positive impact.

When your organization invests in supporting personal and professional growth, employees work from their most productive place — calm, focused, and able to best utilize natural talents. Everything moves in the right direction.

Well-being and performance go hand-in-hand
— Gallup
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A True Win-Win
Well-being + Strengths = Increased Organizational Success

In our culture, we focus on fixing our weaknesses to prevent failure. Weakness-fixing may indeed prevent failure, but it doesn’t promote success.

BolsterUp helps turn this mindset around — from weakness fixing to Strengths-building. We guide managers, leaders, and teams in developing innate talents into Strengths. When teams learn to work to each member’s Strengths, success and greater accomplishment follow. Research shows that Strengths-based companies see better sales, profit and customer engagement.

By combining Strengths with mind-body practices, clients build the awareness that supports positive change.

Because habits, health, and well-being are influenced by the people we spend time with, BolsterUp works to create an organizational-wide culture of well-being and health. Our health coaches help clients meet their wellness goals on both an individual and group basis.

BolsterUp is about developing the supportive culture that builds organizations up every day, not just when the coach is in the building. We are high-touch and work in-person to get  to know your leadership and teams. We are built to empower lasting change. Learn more by scheduling a consultation.

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